One of the interesting things that I’ve noted in the last week is that my sleep quality is directly related to my food intake.  On nights where I don’t eat the healthiest dinner, I sleep horribly, and wake up groggy as all get out.  I oversleep, despite the system of alarms that I have. 

This really started over a year ago when I went out to San Fran.  I thought that it was because I picked up tobacco use again.  No doubt that it’s a contributing factor, to be sure.  But with that trip, I stopped tracking my food, and began my decline from exercise. 

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I got back on my bike for the first time in over a year last night.  I spent about 25 minutes on the trainer, and then decided that I needed to get out of the house.  So I went out and did 8 miles.  Nowhere near my usual evening ride, but the total time on the bike – 55 minutes.  Felt oh so good.  It wasn’t a difficult route, no major hills/climbing, and the speed wasn’t where I remember it being, but what do you expect?  The handling was off, and I forgot just how difficult it is to pace yourself on the road and judge your effort.  If rain wasn’t in the forecast for the next couple of days, I’d probably be back on the road, without hitting the trainer. 

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Summer school is finally over.  I pulled an all-nighter on Saturday to submit my last final by Sunday at noon.  It’s not my best work, and the reason for the all nighter was that I started gaming on what was supposed to be a short break, and turned into a late late late night. 

Grades for 2/3 courses are in.  A and A-, so the worst grade I can get in my last class and keep my 3.0 is a C+.  I don’t think that it will warrant it, but you never know.  This professor has been entirely frustrating in his administration of the class.  It was an interesting experience, to be sure, but when you don’t know where you stand heading into the final.  Oh so frustrating. 

I have two weeks without classwork before the (hopefully) final semester kicks off.  I’m working with my advisors to get one course straightened out (budget cuts forced a change), but should be good to go for graduation in the Fall.  The next two weeks will be spent trying to get back into the routine of fitness that I managed to lose in the last year.  My hope is that it sets me up well going into the fall semester.  We shall see, I suppose. 

I’m getting back into tracking my diet and exercise, so that should motivate me a little better.  I use software from – the online version now. I did use the desktop version for quite some time, but with constant reformats and lack of access till late at night sometimes, I wasn’t keeping as good a diary.  But with the online version now, I should be better. 

I’ve really got to hand it to Amazon’s Kindle team.  They’re giving one book out of an author’s series away for free (undoubtedly to hook you into the author).  It’s a great, cheap way to keep reading different titles without having to drop a lot of money.  And getting a chapter or two sample delivered is pretty darn nice as well. 

You know what they say… best laid plans and all that.  =/

So, I was doing my regular search for any possible news on the AT&T U-verse availability in Greensboro.  I do this about every 2-3 months, as Charlotte and Raleigh have it already, and word has it that Winston-Salem has been getting boxes installed.  I stumbled across a couple of articles that I’ve obviously missed.

Get Ready to Pay More and Time Warner Changes TOS

I’m somewhat understanding of the fact that I’m a high bandwidth user and should pay a bit more for that usage.  BUT – 40gb per month?!  I probably blow through that in a week.  I run a small personal mail server that’s constantly pushing content to my iPhone, online gaming, and tons of other stuff.  40GB?  Puh-lease.

I know that this hasn’t gone into effect yet, but I’ve slowly been waiting for AT&T to get U-verse rolled out here.  i’ve been on Earthlink since dialup, moved over to cable when it became available (through TW, of course), and I hate to leave, but i’m not going to run the risk of suddenly my bill being $40/mo higher.  Nevermind the fact that I’m stuck at 7mbps down and only 384k up (when Comcast can get higher speeds for the same cost?!).  So DSL should be turned on here in the next week or so.  I lose a bit in the download department, no huge deal.  But no caps – and it means I’m ready for U-verse when it rolls out sometime in the next 6-12 months.

Oh, and don’t buy the cheap swing-arm clamp on light from Office Depot (runs like $10 or something) – so cheap it won’t even stand upright.  Keeps falling down every few minutes.  Talk about frustrating.

To my LJ buddies – supposedly I’ll be able to x-post to LJ from my site now, and comments should filter back.  Consider this a test. =)

Alumna suing college over inabilty to find a job

All I have to say is “wow”.  I mean seriously – it’s the college’s fault that you can’t find a job in this economy?  Last I checked, career services is to assist you in your search, not do it for you.  Not only that, but you’ve got a degree in a field that’s been known for outsourcing the last decade.  Oh, and a 2.7 is supposed to be great?  It’s decent, sure, but last I checked, business degrees need a 3.0 or better to be seriously considered for a job.

Talk about a litiguous society.  *faceplam*