… and I’m spent

Summer school is finally over.  I pulled an all-nighter on Saturday to submit my last final by Sunday at noon.  It’s not my best work, and the reason for the all nighter was that I started gaming on what was supposed to be a short break, and turned into a late late late night. 

Grades for 2/3 courses are in.  A and A-, so the worst grade I can get in my last class and keep my 3.0 is a C+.  I don’t think that it will warrant it, but you never know.  This professor has been entirely frustrating in his administration of the class.  It was an interesting experience, to be sure, but when you don’t know where you stand heading into the final.  Oh so frustrating. 

I have two weeks without classwork before the (hopefully) final semester kicks off.  I’m working with my advisors to get one course straightened out (budget cuts forced a change), but should be good to go for graduation in the Fall.  The next two weeks will be spent trying to get back into the routine of fitness that I managed to lose in the last year.  My hope is that it sets me up well going into the fall semester.  We shall see, I suppose. 

I’m getting back into tracking my diet and exercise, so that should motivate me a little better.  I use software from www.crosstrainer.ca – the online version now. I did use the desktop version for quite some time, but with constant reformats and lack of access till late at night sometimes, I wasn’t keeping as good a diary.  But with the online version now, I should be better. 

I’ve really got to hand it to Amazon’s Kindle team.  They’re giving one book out of an author’s series away for free (undoubtedly to hook you into the author).  It’s a great, cheap way to keep reading different titles without having to drop a lot of money.  And getting a chapter or two sample delivered is pretty darn nice as well. 

You know what they say… best laid plans and all that.  =/