So, I was doing my regular search for any possible news on the AT&T U-verse availability in Greensboro.  I do this about every 2-3 months, as Charlotte and Raleigh have it already, and word has it that Winston-Salem has been getting boxes installed.  I stumbled across a couple of articles that I’ve obviously missed.

Get Ready to Pay More and Time Warner Changes TOS

I’m somewhat understanding of the fact that I’m a high bandwidth user and should pay a bit more for that usage.  BUT – 40gb per month?!  I probably blow through that in a week.  I run a small personal mail server that’s constantly pushing content to my iPhone, online gaming, and tons of other stuff.  40GB?  Puh-lease.

I know that this hasn’t gone into effect yet, but I’ve slowly been waiting for AT&T to get U-verse rolled out here.  i’ve been on Earthlink since dialup, moved over to cable when it became available (through TW, of course), and I hate to leave, but i’m not going to run the risk of suddenly my bill being $40/mo higher.  Nevermind the fact that I’m stuck at 7mbps down and only 384k up (when Comcast can get higher speeds for the same cost?!).  So DSL should be turned on here in the next week or so.  I lose a bit in the download department, no huge deal.  But no caps – and it means I’m ready for U-verse when it rolls out sometime in the next 6-12 months.

Oh, and don’t buy the cheap swing-arm clamp on light from Office Depot (runs like $10 or something) – so cheap it won’t even stand upright.  Keeps falling down every few minutes.  Talk about frustrating.

To my LJ buddies – supposedly I’ll be able to x-post to LJ from my site now, and comments should filter back.  Consider this a test. =)