An observation

One of the interesting things that I’ve noted in the last week is that my sleep quality is directly related to my food intake.  On nights where I don’t eat the healthiest dinner, I sleep horribly, and wake up groggy as all get out.  I oversleep, despite the system of alarms that I have. 

This really started over a year ago when I went out to San Fran.  I thought that it was because I picked up tobacco use again.  No doubt that it’s a contributing factor, to be sure.  But with that trip, I stopped tracking my food, and began my decline from exercise. 

It’s amazing to me (again, I suppose) just how much my diet affects everything else.  I know that I’m extremely healthy (tobacco use aside) – with super low cholesterol and extremely healthy blood sugar/blood pressure/etc.  I just need to make a more concerted effort, it seems. 

The new season for one of my gaming leagues kicked off last night.  To say it was a disaster would be an understatement.  It’s beyond my comprehension how my teammates freeze up come match time.  In practices, I can’t get them to shut up sometimes – always calling and communicating.  But in the match, I got nothing from them.  I had to almost scream at them to communicate.  I know when things get bad, people get frustrated, but that’s when you need to talk the most.  I can’t make changes on no communication.  I fully expected in the practice afterwards for us to get rolled, but instead, it was the crew of old – talking, calling, communicating.  Granted, we had a sub, but it makes me wonder if the player I had to sub for isn’t the problem.  =/

So, it’s practice, practice, and more practice now.  I hate that I’ve got to spend so much time on this.  You’d think after several seasons of playing with some of the same guys, we’d have this worked out already.  But we haven’t.  And that frustrates me. 

We’ll see what happens.  All I can do, I suppose.