No, not mine, lol.

For anyone considering an outdoor wedding – do NOT schedule between June and late September.  Especially if the woman’s going to insist on tuxedos, etc.

Worked one of those today.  Looking at the thermometer – 86 degrees.  Hot, but not bad.  Until you realize it’s 60% humidity and the barometric pressure is conspiring against you to make it feel well over 100 (106 last I saw).  And there I am running between the wedding area, the reception hall, and everywhere in between in my black trousers, black shirt (short-sleeve, thank goodness), and black apron.

At least they had the sense to order plenty of beverages aside from alcohol and have a water/lemonade station at the ceremony area.  And the groom was wearing one of those old-fashioned suits – the blue/white pinstripes…

Ever wonder why you agreed to something when you’re halfway through it, and up to your eyeballs with stuff to do?  Yeah, I thought so.

School, for the most part, has been like that for a  little over a year now.  This summer is no exception.  Taking three graduate level classes per term has been tiring, to say the least.  And to top it off, this session has been back-loaded.  I have two papers due Monday, plus a class topic facilitation, and two papers, presentations, and the corresponding projects due Tuesday.  Not to mention I really need to get the 2nd half of my Web Design final done and uploaded sometime in the next day or so (it’s due by Wednesday).  And I can’t forget that one professor is giving us a take-home final 3 days after the last class, due 48 hours after that.  Yeesh.

It’s the “eye on the prize” – which I was so forcefully reminded of Friday in talking with my boss.  I haven’t really been forthcoming with him in my plans, partially because I don’t want to give him the idea that I’m set in stone about leaving.  Maybe it’s covering my ass until the day I do leave, but also I’m not 100% sure I want to leave.  Sure, I have a lot to look for on the other side, but the grass is fairly green here too.  If you can put up with the inconsistency.

I really can’t wait to be finished with this term, and get on my three week “break”.  I’ve got to get back into exercising, because I’m really starting to feel out of it.  Maybe that affects everything – but I do know that sleep hasn’t come easily of much late – and I need to do something to fix that, and soon.  Maybe getting back on the bike would be a very good thing…. if I can find the time.