I’ve just finished editing a page on the site that’s a “repository” of fanfiction works that I’ve converted for use on e-readers (Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, etc.).  If you have one of these devices, feel free to grab the files.

Just to re-iterate here what I’ve stated on the page – these are NOT my works.  The stories belong to the fabulous authors who wrote them in the first place.  I’ve just grabbed them from their respective posted sites and made them into a format available for people to take on the go.  If you personally know the author, and run this by them, and they aren’t thrilled with the idea, I’m more than happy to take them down.  As far as I’m aware, I haven’t broken copyright, but that’s not exactly legal advice I’m standing on.

I’ll continue to add to the list as I convert stuff for me to read on the go.  I’m posting them here to share with everyone for their own enjoyment.  I spent the time to get them converted, so if I can save someone a few minutes out of their day and keep them reading, everyone benefits.  No charge or hoops to jump through.

Fanfiction for e-readers.


So the *planned* purchase finally got here today.  My new Kindle 3 Wi-Fi. 

I never thought the thing was so tiny.  But it is.

My initial impression remains the same as when I got my DX over a year ago – wow!  This is so much nicer.  I can hold it with one hand, still turn pages easily, etc. 

I will say that the interface for moving between Kindles is a little clunky.  I had to resend all my books over, then re-create and organize my collections.  Amazon really needs some sort of desktop interface or ability to back up that kind of data on the cloud. 

There’s a bit less shown while reading, but the page turns are even faster than on the DX. The screen does have better contrast, and i can read it in a bit lower light situations,. 

So, just a couple of pics demonstrating the size. 

IMG_0269 IMG_0270

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble dropped the prices of their e-readers yesterday (the Kindle and the Nook).  I didn’t see a drop for the Kindle DX, but no matter.  It’s still the “paperback-size” that’s really the competitor.  The DX is more for “enthusiasts”, I suppose.

I still maintain that if you’re going to be a reader, go for e-Ink as opposed to LCD (such as the iPad and the upcoming clones).  There are actually some studies out there that suggest that reading an LCD screen before bed can actually screw with your sleep.  Not to mention that e-Ink is a ton easier to read in the sunlight than LCD.

I digress.  I came across an article posted a few months back by CNet that reviews the Kindle and Nook side by side.  Pretty fair review – http://reviews.cnet.com/2722-3508_7-537.html

It’s worth noting that Kindle recently released a firmware update that moves us in a step towards addressing the major gripe of Kindle owners since day 1 – folders.  They’re called “Collections”, and while not 100% like the folders on the Sony, still pretty darn cool.  You can also pan and zoom on PDF’s, plus some other social features.

We’ve had 48 hours to hear all the news about the new Apple iPad (and God forbid, we’ll hear more about it in the near future more than many of us would care for).  Many of the pundits are calling it a true rival to Amazon’s Kindle and the e-reader market.

I came across a brief article the other day that asked the question “Is the iPad a game-changer?” (CNNMoney.com article)  The article lists a few valid points about the ultimate question of where the iPad fits into the computing scheme of things.  After taking some time to digest the specs and capabilities, as well as read some of the drivel (for everyone’s sake – there have been a few good ones out there) that many reporters have spouted about the iPad, I don’t think that it will be some huge seller or success like the iPhone is.  (see this CNNMoney article for the analyst’s predictions.)

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