Oooooh… Shiny


So the *planned* purchase finally got here today.  My new Kindle 3 Wi-Fi. 

I never thought the thing was so tiny.  But it is.

My initial impression remains the same as when I got my DX over a year ago – wow!  This is so much nicer.  I can hold it with one hand, still turn pages easily, etc. 

I will say that the interface for moving between Kindles is a little clunky.  I had to resend all my books over, then re-create and organize my collections.  Amazon really needs some sort of desktop interface or ability to back up that kind of data on the cloud. 

There’s a bit less shown while reading, but the page turns are even faster than on the DX. The screen does have better contrast, and i can read it in a bit lower light situations,. 

So, just a couple of pics demonstrating the size. 

IMG_0269 IMG_0270