E-reader Wars!

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble dropped the prices of their e-readers yesterday (the Kindle and the Nook).  I didn’t see a drop for the Kindle DX, but no matter.  It’s still the “paperback-size” that’s really the competitor.  The DX is more for “enthusiasts”, I suppose.

I still maintain that if you’re going to be a reader, go for e-Ink as opposed to LCD (such as the iPad and the upcoming clones).  There are actually some studies out there that suggest that reading an LCD screen before bed can actually screw with your sleep.  Not to mention that e-Ink is a ton easier to read in the sunlight than LCD.

I digress.  I came across an article posted a few months back by CNet that reviews the Kindle and Nook side by side.  Pretty fair review – http://reviews.cnet.com/2722-3508_7-537.html

It’s worth noting that Kindle recently released a firmware update that moves us in a step towards addressing the major gripe of Kindle owners since day 1 – folders.  They’re called “Collections”, and while not 100% like the folders on the Sony, still pretty darn cool.  You can also pan and zoom on PDF’s, plus some other social features.