Wedding advice

No, not mine, lol.

For anyone considering an outdoor wedding – do NOT schedule between June and late September.  Especially if the woman’s going to insist on tuxedos, etc.

Worked one of those today.  Looking at the thermometer – 86 degrees.  Hot, but not bad.  Until you realize it’s 60% humidity and the barometric pressure is conspiring against you to make it feel well over 100 (106 last I saw).  And there I am running between the wedding area, the reception hall, and everywhere in between in my black trousers, black shirt (short-sleeve, thank goodness), and black apron.

At least they had the sense to order plenty of beverages aside from alcohol and have a water/lemonade station at the ceremony area.  And the groom was wearing one of those old-fashioned suits – the blue/white pinstripes…