It’s kind of funny here in the office today.  We’ve known for a few weeks that one of the staff would be leaving in September.  We just found out the other one we expected to leave by the end of the year – will be gone in two weeks.

It’s put the main bosses here into a bit of a panic.  Roles are sure to be tossed around.  My boss, however, hasn’t exactly approached me with any news yet.  Which leads me to believe that behind closed doors, he’s playing the “me first” card.

With the impending upheaval that this is bound to bring, it’s high time I stepped up my search.  I’ve been a bit on the quiet side, looking for the “perfect” opportunity, but I think now it’s time to expand a bit and consider a few things that I might not have wanted to otherwise.  True, it didn’t help when I found out that even though I have a 3,0 in-major, just because my overall is slightly below that, they won’t grant my Master’s, I slowed down, trying to re-assess my options.

Looks like I might be the last one standing when the dust settles.  With two out, it’s likely that the 3rd staff member might be leaving too.  The two newer admin assistants, one of whom isn’t working out that well, might be out.  The other one – most of this is over her head.  Not good.

While some might say it’ll be fun to watch the carnage unfold, I don’t think so.  Everyone already expects me to be the “IT guru” – I don’t need to be the “training guru” either.  I dislike simple questions where people could take two minutes and learn it for themselves.  That’s how I learned.  No one took me by the hand and said “this is how to do it”.

No, not mine, lol.

For anyone considering an outdoor wedding – do NOT schedule between June and late September.  Especially if the woman’s going to insist on tuxedos, etc.

Worked one of those today.  Looking at the thermometer – 86 degrees.  Hot, but not bad.  Until you realize it’s 60% humidity and the barometric pressure is conspiring against you to make it feel well over 100 (106 last I saw).  And there I am running between the wedding area, the reception hall, and everywhere in between in my black trousers, black shirt (short-sleeve, thank goodness), and black apron.

At least they had the sense to order plenty of beverages aside from alcohol and have a water/lemonade station at the ceremony area.  And the groom was wearing one of those old-fashioned suits – the blue/white pinstripes…