Displaying posts by category re-visited

I stumbled across this solution a few months ago as I was playing around with a concept idea in WordPress from wesbos. (List WordPress Posts by Category)  As I’ve started working on my latest project, I needed to re-visit the idea.  The problem was that I also wanted to limit it to posts within a certain time range and use it for a “sidebar”.  I could have spent some time searching for a plugin that would accomplish that, but why bother?  On this project, it would be on one page only, so I could hard-code it in.

Wes uses the standard “query_posts” method of running the loop, because he’s not really changing anything or making any significant queries.  I assume that it would be the same across the board for probably 90% of the folks out there trying it.  The Codex these days suggests that if you’re going to modify the loop (or run a separate loop outside the main loop), you use WP_Query.

So in order to modify Wes’ original example as well as add in my own changes, I pretty much wound up re-writing a lot of the example. Just throw this in whatever DOM element you want (div, aside, etc.)


Still needs some cleanup, and I want to move some of that into the core functions of the theme so I’m only calling a function or two. (To be honest, the whole theme at this point lacks a fair amount of structure or sensibility to the code.)

But it’s still a pretty good start.