Greensboro Pony Drive

Greensboro Pony Drive Screenshot


The Greensboro Pony Drive site is an event-specific site for the 2014 Pony Drive to celebrate the 50th Birthday of the Ford Mustang.  The drive itself starts in Mustang, Oklahoma and will travel both east and west towards the final destinations of Las Vegas and Charlotte.  Along the way, Mustang owners will join with the ride to create (what several are hoping) the longest parade of Mustangs.  Greensboro is the last stop before rolling into Charlotte, and is a “lunch stop”.  The final overnight stop is in Asheville, NC.  Given the route, Greensboro is expected to be the staging point for everyone North and East of Charlotte who wants to travel to the 50th Birthday Celebration as part of this drive.

I was asked to take care of this project by Ed Currie, one of the owners of Exclamations Catering, who I’ve worked with for almost 10 years now.  The original intent of the project was much grander in terms of scope as there was little direction from the Mustang Club of America regarding these stops.  Unfortunately, the project was scaled back due to the release of their requirements.  The site features a registration form, integration with Google Maps (for local information), and a sponsors listing.  The site is “responsive”, meaning it scales down to mobile screens.

Originally, the site would be able to accept registrations and print out tickets that could be scanned by mobile devices at check-in.  These tickets could be paid for online with a credit card.  This registration system would have covered entry, lunch order, and a t-shirt order.

In addition to the site, I’ve also done some print materials (the “printable flyer” at the moment).  The header logo is my creation.



  • Home page with news slider
  • Event registration form
  • Google Maps integration
  • Customized sponsorship listing with logos
  • Responsive layout (desktop fixed-width)
  • Full-width photo background