This is why you never…

This is why you never upgrade a “live” site, especially when you’re dealing with multiple softwares that need to interact together.

WP 3.1 rolled out on Wednesday, and silly me, thinking it’d be fine to upgrade, did so on both and was fine (and why shouldn’t it be?), but cC went into a tailspin.  After multiple hours of frustration, I finally got cC back to basic functionality again, but it’s still missing some key features.

The integration (WP-United) redefines several functions that until WP 3.1, had been in a file that was rarely called.  3.1 moved those into an “always active” file, creating PHP Fatal errors.  Not good.  As a temporary work around, I wound up just renaming the files in WP-United.  It’s at least restored template functionality, but the user-integration method is somewhat borked for the time-being.  As a solution, I *think* that if I comment out the offending functions in WP, all will be well.

This is what happens when you use a piece of software that’s not actively developed right now.  Officially, the last “stable” release of WPU is compatible with WP 2.9 and phpBB 3.07-pl1.  The dev has been disappeared for over 6 months.

I’m thinking at the present time that I should take a serious look at pulling several pieces of his  software and merging them with another one out there that’s missing them.  I don’t feel 100% comfortable doing it, but I think it’s going to have to be done. =(