The Lost Hero

So, Rick Riordan’s new Heroes series was delivered to my Kindle this morning.  I just finished reading it a bit ago.  I’m left wondering how in the world Harry Potter fans survived 18+ months between books, when I only have to wait about 12 for the next one. 

YA books are enjoyable reads.  They’re not too involved as say a Clancy novel, but still entertaining enough to keep you turning pages.  It’s something that keeps you involved and if it’s a good author, then you’re left guessing what the next step is – the next mystery to uncover.  They’re also not overly long or filled with detailed character narratives and backstory. 

I think that Riordan’s done a great job with this book, jumping off into the next series, if you will.  It’s a shame that Lightning Thief flopped at the box office.  The movie certainly didn’t give the books any credit, unlike the Potter movies (at least the first two). 

Without trying to give away too much of the plot of the first five books for those who haven’t read, The Lost Hero starts moving the Greek mythology towards Roman mythology, as the two are often intertwined.  As I read through the first 5 books, I couldn’t help but drawing some of the comparisons to the Roman gods or thinking “Hey wait, isn’t that X from the Roman mythology?”  Now we’re moving into that territory.

Percy Jackson is the main character of the first five, but the new series focuses on some new characters to the arc (and I think that’s probably a more apt description for the sets of books – story arcs rather than series).  The “original” characters make an appearance, and I have a feeling that given the second book is titled "Son of Neptune", we’ll see Percy and he’ll take center stage again.  I’m just guessing though.  I’ll have to wait till next fall for that to become fact or fiction.