Little help?

My lawnmower is on it’s last legs… =/  Time for a new one.

I got my lawnmower 2 years ago when I moved in.  Mom picked it up at an Estate Sale for like $20.  Nice mower, but it was a pain when I got it.  Now, it’ll barely stay running long enough for me to do my postage-stamp front yard.  The self-drive died shortly after I got it. 

I’m looking at a self-propelled mower again (front-wheel drive this time, because of the grading of the lot). 

So anyways – Sears has a couple nice models – around $300 and up.  (Craftsman, of course).  But, they also have some that have been returned (for various reasons, no one knows).  One they had out there was really nice – retails for over $400 new, for $245.  Electric start, big wheels, good sized motor, etc.  But no guarantees on what’s wrong with it.  They also have a lower tier model that sells new (similar features, smaller engine) for $330. 

So… any thoughts or suggestions on what to do?